Postgraduate Study

Design Culture Research Group

Guy Julier is interested in supervising PhDs at Aalto University in the following areas:

Design Culture, economies of design, design research methodologies, design activism, social design, public sector innovation, city cultures, design-led urban regeneration, Spanish and Latin American design and society, political transition and design history, contemporary design museology.

Current  supervisions

Jocelyn Bailey
‘Doing Political Work: design in policymaking’

Liz Farrelly
‘Curating discourse: examining the production of the discourse of design at London’s Design Museum, within the context of national and international precedents’

Lilian Sanchez-Moreno
‘The Articulations of Social Design Discourse within UK Policy, Social Innovation and Design Organizations through the Emergence of ‘Participatory’ Practices’

Catherine Speight
‘A critical examination of the V&A’s role in supporting practice-based Design students through its network of university-museum partnerships’

Gabriel Wulff
‘Collective Gardening Initiatives temporarily using vacant land: Space, Materials, Tactics and Agency emerging from the ground up’Supervisions to completion

PhD Completions

Lina Kang (2018) ‘Implementation of Social Design in the Handcraft Community in Cambodia’

Zeina Maasri (2016) ‘Beirut’s cosmopolitan promise: graphic design between the national and the transnational’

Triin Jerlei (2015) ‘Industrial designers within the Soviet Estonian design ideology of the late socialist period, 1965 -1985’

Harun Kaygan (2012) ‘Turkish Product Design and Consumption: a material semiotic approach’

Harriet Edwards (2012) ‘Design Leads: a re-evaluation of contemporary design thinking and making, and its potential impact on HE writing culture’

Jack Fawbert (2007) ‘Representations of Change: Class, Community, Culture and Replica Football Shirts (A Case Study)’

Melanie Chan (2006) ‘Reality kicks back: a study of the discourses of virtual reality’

Martha Fleming (2005) ‘From Le Musée des Sciences to the Science Museum: fifteen years of evolving methodologies in the art/science interface’

Richard Barnes (2004) ‘Traditional methods of picture making combined with digital imaging; a practice based investigation’

Ian Watson (2004) ‘Devising Theatre: a critical enquiry into the performer as scenographer’