Teaching Material

These worksheets have been authored to encourage students to extend their understandings of the issues raised in The Culture of Design.

One worksheet  is provided for each chapter of The Culture of Design, 3rd edition. They can also be used for earlier editions except where indicated. Please feel free to adapt according to the level of study.

Each exercise encourages the student to discover and explore links between the ideas of the book and their own observations.

They are fairly quick exercises that encourage observation and creative thinking. Click on the respective chapter title to access the worksheet.

  1. Design Culture

  2. Design and Production

  3. Designers and Discourse

  4. The Consumption of Design

  5. High Design

  6. Consumer Goods

  7. Branded Places

  8. Branded Leisure

  9. On-screen Interactivity

  10. Communications, Management and Participation

  11. Networks and Mobile Technologies

  12. Studying Design Culture